Flint Bishop launches new B2B field engagement service

BusinessFlint Bishop launches new B2B field engagement service

Leading debt recovery law firm Flint Bishop today announced the launch of FBConnect, the UK’s first and only specialist field based B2B debtor engagement service targeted at supporting creditors and their customers in the industrial, commercial, and small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) sectors. 

With over 100 field-based operatives, the comprehensive service covering England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland includes visiting customers at their premises to establish contact, resolve disputes, support site investigations, and negotiate repayment plans where there has been no response to letters and calls.

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In addition, the service will also be able to help creditors identify any potential sensitivities or adverse PR issues likely to arise in relation to the accounts within debt recovery and collection processes. 

“We are excited to launch FBConnect and contribute to the continued growth of our Debt Services division,” said Head of Debt Services Niall Gilhooley.

“Our nationwide field service can be utilised as a stand-alone service or to complement our wider debt recovery process, providing meaningful site visits to provide additional contact options and insight for creditors. Engagement visits can be an effective step forward in liaising with our clients’ customers and facilitating a dialogue to seek a resolution in recovering overdue debt.

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“FBConnect will leverage the latest technology and data analytics to provide clients with accurate and timely information to help them make informed decisions and will operate in compliance with industry regulations and guidelines to ensure the highest standards of professionalism and ethical behaviour are met and maintained.

“We believe that FBConnect will provide significant value to our clients by delivering efficient, cost-effective and personalised field engagement services. We are committed to providing our debt recovery clients and their customers with the best possible services and solutions to help them navigate and resolve overdue debt challenges.”

Newly appointed Field Services Manager Ian Brick will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of FBConnect. 

Brick is a highly skilled professional who brings with him 25 years of collections and recoveries field management experience, with a proven track record of successfully leading teams across a wide range of sectors including banking, finance, and utilities.

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